Monday, October 27, 2014

CAPEX Halloween Party 2014

We all had such a great time last weekend.  Friday, Poet, Sir Loki, Hunter, and Cuddles joined me and Ma'am at the Treehouse for some drinks, good eats, hot tub time, great company... and sexy fun time.

Saturday morning we drove down to Charlotte to help set-up and decorate for the big CAPEX floor party, and on the drive down, we got to introduce Hunter to one of my favorite bands: They Might Be Giants - music that always makes me happy.  Unfortunately, when we got to Charlotte, we first had lunch at Chilli's.  I got sick later from that burger... then Hunter got sick... then Cuddles got sick Sunday morning.  Yuck!  I don't recommend eating at Chilli's - at least not the one in Charlotte on Tyvola.

Set-up went pretty easy, and I skipped the demo to stay and help w/ the decorations.  (Which worked-out for the best anyway, b/c at one point I had to go lie down b/c I was starting to feel yucky.)  Kudos always to maggie for doing such a great job decorating.  We had dinner at a Japanese stir-fry, and my stomach settled down.  Then we returned to the party hotel to change into costume.  The pug and I were doing Nightwing/Robin.  (And I do mean Nightwing-slash-Robin.)

Sir and Hunter as Deadpool and Weasel:

It was some pretty unusual slash fiction we were making.  Marvel and DC... and then throw in some Harry Potter. My lovely (and talented) Owner and her boyfriend dressed as deatheaters Belatrix LeStrange and Lucious Malfoy.  I think these two looked amazing.  Poet (a pro costumer and tailor) made that robe he's wearing.  The Kitten and I hand-painted the deatheater masks and made the wands (stripped, shellacked, and added leather cord handles).

Group photo (sans Weasel):

There were some really good costumes at the party.  But only one can win the coveted Stick and Maggie "special" award.  I honestly thought Kitten and Poet were going to win it... but I was surprised and equally happy when Stick presented it to the puppy pack.  *wags*  We are now the collective owners of the coveted Red Skull trophy.  (Yep... Stick gave me head.  Or should I say, he gave me his bone?)

We had a fun time at the party - even though the scene I had fantasized didn't come to pass.  Having selected our costumes, I envisioned a scene in which Sir tied Nightwing and Robin together in a compromising position and tortured them w/ electro toys.  And/or since CAPEX has a suspension rig, Sir made plans to suspend us from it.  However, Sir was pretty tired (and most of the elcetro toys were in storage in Atlanta) and I was just bouncing back from a mild food poisoning, so we decided w/o much debate that it should be a low-key night.  Nothing wrong w/ that.  Besides, having a rain check gives me an excuse to put Cuddles and myself into these costumes for another event!  Maybe next Dominion...?  But in the meantime, Sir did, still, put me and the Boy Wonder in rope harnesses.

There was also plenty of sexy shenanigans among the five of us (plus an other or two) during the party in our room... and during the after-party... and after the after party back in our room... and then again Sunday morning...  I discovered that one distinct advantage of having two omegas is that I can get-off twice in the same weekend - 'cause, you know, I have to make sure nobody feels left out.  I think the Alpha was pretty satisfied as well... and I know my Owner had a plenty of fun, naughty hijinks involving violet wands and vibrating devices w/ remote controls.  I guess even when we have a "low-key" CAPEX Halloween weekend it's all still relative.

A special shout-out for our wonderful, little Dalmatian.  Hunter was really on top of things this weekend and was an invaluable help to me and Sir as well as Ma'am and Poet.  Extra good boy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Atlanta Pride 2014 Photos

The previous post was a little narrative of my Atlanta Pride weekend.  Here I'll share some photos w/ you.

Here I am w/ my two omega pups getting suited-up before the parade starts. 

The "children" and I just chilling on a wall waiting to go.  I look like I'm grabbing a quick nap on Hunter's shoulder.

Getting lined up in front of Sir for the group photo of the Southeast leather contingent...

Beginning to march: an Alpha with three pups on-leash.

Finally a shot with all five of us: Myself, Cuddles, Hunter, Bishop, and our very sexy Alpha-dog Sir Loki.

Along the parade rout...

That's most of what I have.  I'll repeat my request that if anybody has or finds some photos of our pack, please share with me.  Wruff! Wruff!

Monday, October 13, 2014

It Didn’t Rain on our Parade (Atlanta Pride 2014)

Our pack had a great time last weekend at Atlanta Pride.  Friday, Cuddles, my Owner, and I drove down to Poet’s place to have dinner with his family.  We missed the fun at the Atlanta Eagle Friday night (Sir was tending bar), but we didn’t mind very much because the home-cooked meal was superlative.

Saturday morning began with me and my omega having some sexy-fun-puppy time – starting the day off right.  Unfortunately, my Owner and Poet had some costuming work to get done before next month’s steampunk convention, so they weren’t able to make it to Pride.  (And friends Max and Jake couldn't make it down this year b/c they just bought a house.)  So Cuddles and I drove alone the rest of the way into Atlanta and met-up with our Alpha.  Sir Loki took us to the Boy Next Door clothing store so we could find Cuddles some sexy jeans – which we did.  While there, we also got to watch a gay porn star try on underwear.  Saturday afternoon, the pack gathered at Sir’s place for burgers and booze and bad movies.  It was a fun, laid-back evening.

Sunday was parade day.  It was raining Sunday morning… but cleared-up by noon and stayed nice.  Yay!  Bishop and Hunter met me, Cuddles, and Sir at his place and we drove over to the nearest Marta to catch the train – a much better plan than driving into downtown and trying to park like we did last year, which almost caused Shdwkitten to kill me and Bishop out of frustration.  Still, it was not without its difficulty since it took Sir’s four puppies like ten minutes to buy Marta passes from the machine.  He now better understood Kitten's frustration.

We took the train to the staging area and got suited-up.  I was super-super happy to be wearing my Lycra bodysuit and rubber pup hood out in public, and I borrowed a really great rubber harness from Sir.  Cuddles was shirtless and rocking his new, sexy jeans and leather pup hood.  Hunter had on his Dalmatian zantai under his leather pants and pack vest, and Bishop was wearing his vest, tail, and booty shorts.  Sir looked amazing in his leather pants and harness… leading three puppies behind him on-leash.  He was one seriously hot, muscly alpha dog.  Woof!  I was impressed that he was able to hold all three leashes for me, Cuddles, and Hunter (while Bishop remained free to fetch water for us). 

The parade was great fun.  We passed the Shakespeare Tavern (a place I've loved for many years) and the beautiful Fox Theater.  We moved along at a more steady pace this year, so there was a lot less stopping than last year, but every time we did stop I dropped to my knees which inspired a lot of photo ops.  Last year I was the only pup on all fours, but this year my three pack-mates joined me.  *wags*

I think our pack looked great and really rocked it!  We had quite a lot of people shoot photos of us or with us – both in the parade and later in the park.  I admit I love posing for photos.  (“Puppy” is another name for “attention whore.”)  If anybody has/finds any photos of us, please send me a copy/link: .  If I get any good ones, I'll share them on here.

While I have no photos, 11 Alive once again caught us on camera passing by.  The link below is part 8 of their video.  At 7 min. 45 seconds in, the Southeast Leather Contingent arrives, beginning with the Atlanta Eagle’s float.  Right about 9 minutes in you’ll see two great-looking pups dancing on the back of the Eagle’s float.  I don’t know who they were, but they looked fantastic.  Immediately after that you see us walking in front of the Onyx group.  Sir is untangling our leashes so that he can send Cuddles back to fetch my bag from the Panther’s float.  They cut away to a bear they were interviewing, and then cut back to Sir smoking a cigar leading three of his puppies (Hunter, me and Bishop) past the TV camera.  Next, you’ll see the Panthers’ Halloween-themed float.  If you watch the blue cooler at the base of the Jack-n-the-box, you can see Cuddles retrieving my bag from off the float (at about 10min. 15 sec. mark).  And then you can see our pack's boy Isaac riding shirtless on the back of Panther float (wearing a yamaka and flagging yellow).

We had a great time this year (even through I did miss my Owner).  Happy Pride, everybody.  Looking forward to doing it again next year.