Monday, July 20, 2015

Chastity... Punctuated by Puppy Sex

For several years now, the rule is I can’t cum w/o permission from Ma’am or Sir.  Usually Ma’am will make me go a week or two w/o cumming.  I think three weeks has always been my maximum.  I never had a chastity device before: this was a rule enforced by my will, and thus not always easy to keep.  A handful of times a year I will slip-up and make myself cum w/o permission.

One reason why I never used a chastity device is b/c I was always skeptical one would stay on.  I have notorious “turtle balls” which often completely disappear into me.  My packmate Hunter was convinced that one of his devices would fit me… and he was correct.

My wonderful Owner, Shdwkitten, agreed last month to allow Hunter and I to explore more of an Alpha/beta relationship, as Hunter, a switch, has been moving in an increasingly Topy direction lately.  So we began at SELF (Southeast Leather Fest) with my former omega putting me into chastity – potentially until the next Atlanta Dominion (all male dungeon party) which was 34 days away.  Prior to SELF, Kitten had already made me go two weeks w/o cumming, thus all-together adding up to potentially 48 days between orgasms – far exceeding my previous record.

First thing to know w/ a chastity device is that you have to build-up to it.  It’s not like in the erotica you read where the Master or Mistress slaps a device on their boy and leaves it there for the next 4 weeks.  Initially I could wear it for most of a day by frequently re-applying silicone lube to cut-down on pinching and chaffing, but I had to take it off every night to sleep.  Gradually as I went, however, I had to apply lube less and less frequently (although I still usually put some on in the morning around the hinge) and have no difficulty sleeping w/ it on or wearing it 24 hours: taking it off only to clean it and me and then putting it right back on.  I have a few exceptions, i.e. I’m allowed to take it off when I ride the motorcycle.

I wore the cage for a week after SELF until, at Day 21, Ma’am rewarded me for being an extra good boy by unlocking me and letting me cum.  As happens when I’ve gone 21 days w/o an orgasm, I shot over my head, on the pillow, in my hair, and on my face, and had an amazing, mind-blowing, body-convulsing orgasm.  Woof!  Thank you, Ma’am!

Then I got locked-up again until Dominion: still a personal record-breaking 27 days away.

Hunter teased me w/ the advice that, while wearing a chastity cage, it’s best to avoid boners, porn, erotica, and such.  Yeah…  After having it on for a couple of weeks, I found myself increasingly, unavoidably having sex on the brain.  I rarely ever remember my dreams, but I know I woke up a couple of times in the night from erotic dreams of some sort.  I flirted w/ beautiful rubber pups online, and I got to mosh w/ some sexy puppies at the Woodshed.

As I grew more accustomed to the cage, I also grew to hate not having it on… similar to how I hate being w/o my collar: because the cock-cage not just a device that keeps you from getting off; it’s also a kind of collar around your balls.  I started to feel like it was Hunter’s hand always around my cock, always quietly reminding me that he is my Dominant and I should submit to him.  The cock-cage says: “This belongs to someone, not you.  Beta dogs don't get to play with their bones.  Their Alphas take their bones away from them, and the bone is Alpha's to play with.  Betas only get the toys Alpha lets them have.  This isn’t your toy.”

Also, I found I really liked it b/c it takes away the mental stress of having to control myself, and that’s probably also why associate the cage with a puppy thing even though Ma’am has been controlling my orgasms for years.  With the cage, I feel controlled, I don't have to control myself, and can let go – just like I do when I pup-out.

So… even before our Dominion party, I got to see Hunter Friday night and Saturday morning (along w/ our fantastic packmate Gwynn).  I think it was pretty clear how horny I was and how frisky I wanted to be w/ Hunter.  I wanted him soooooo badly.  Not just that I wanted him to take the cage off.  I just felt very submissive to him and very aroused… I would have been just as happy for him to fuck me w/ my cage on as to take it off.

As it was, he did eventually let me get his bone in my mouth Friday night, skull fucked his beta, and came down my throat.  Yum.  *wags*

Dominion finally arrived Sunday afternoon.  I was suited-up in my latex skin despite it being hot as hell.  Hunter has to work the check-in desk for the first 2 hours, and then he can play.  I really would have been happy just to have my gear on and be in pup-mode lying at his feet behind the desk, but he insisted I wander the dungeon… which I did and watched some scenes and got my omgea’s bone in my mouth for a little while.  Finally, Hunter was off duty, and he put my hood and mitts on, leashed me, and took me for a walk around the dungeon - me happily trotting on all fours at his feet.  He pulled out a squeaky toy and played some fetch w/ me.  It was very fun even if the suit and the heat limited us to only a few minutes of fetch before I had to stop, drink water, and lay on the cool floor for a bit.

He then unlocked my cock-cage and chained me onto a spanking bench and opened-up my suit.  I’m sure there were visible heat ripple coming off my back.  He opened-up the suit enough to have access to my shoulders, back, and ass – and proceeded to spank my ass w/ his paddles.  I think it was because I was already so hot from being in rubber, but I couldn’t process the pain well at all.  I could tell he wasn’t hitting me hard, but it felt incredibly fucking stingy, and I was howling in pain.  The spanking got cut a bit short since he could tell I was having trouble taking it.  He also bit me and scratched me – and that was much more welcome sensation.  Also, while he spanked me, he also kept teasing my hole w/ a finger or the tip of the paddle – a sensation that was driving me crazy!  I was soooo hungry to be fucked.  Hard!  While I still had my latex dog hood on, Alpha inserted his bone into my mouth, and I eagerly sucked for all I was worth.  I got Alpha hard, he lubed me up, and finally fucked his beta’s needy ass.  I’m sure we were making a shit ton of noise howling and barking, and Hunter later said we attracted an audience in the dungeon, but at the moment I was just completely lost in sex.  I do remember looking to my right at one point and catching us in the mirror on the wall: Hunter fucking his dog for all he was worth, and me barking and whining for more, more, more!  He also kept biting me while he fucked me; which drives me further crazy and had me howling in pain/pleasure.

Finally, he let me cum.  He cupped his hand under my penis to catch the load, but apparently Hunter forgot what it looks like when I cum after over 20 days of chastity because his cup did quickly runnith over.  Woof!

I slumped onto the bench in complete exhaustion (and submission).  Brain fried.  Hunter got me down and took me to bench where he sat and I just melted at his feet into a loving, adoring puddle of submissive goo.  Eventually, Hunter and my omega, Cuddles, helped me get into the shower and peeled my latex skin off.  They helped me clean and dry my latex, re-hydrate, and get some food in me… before Hunter locked his cock-cage back around my bone… until Southeast Black and Blue, 27 days away.

Unless Kitten decides otherwise.  Of course, the collar (and wedding band) still trumps the cock-cage.  I am still 100% Shdwkitten’s property – and always happy to be so.  She is the best Owner and life-partner I could ever ask for, and every day she makes my world better.  (I have to spend a lot of time away from home this summer, and it SUCKS!)  I’m just so very lucky that she allows me to explore these other relationships and dynamics and shares me w/ a trusted, select few.  I Ruff you, Ma’am!

Hunter’s final order before we parted: “I want to read a blog post about how awesome I am.”  LOL.  And then one of us made a crack about him being a twue Alpha – simultaneously a jab at the leather community and a Teen Wolf reference.  I will just echo what our wolf pup, Gwynn, said:  Hunter is doing a very adequate job as Alpha.  :P

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Charlotte Woodshed's Pup Mosh

The pup community continues to grow, and I enjoy meeting new puppies all around.  It’s so different from how it was 5 or 10 years ago when, for a long while, I was one of the few puppies in the region.  So much pup energy, it’s like going into newbie-sub frenzy all over again.

And if you’re like me and puppy play is also (often) a very sexy, fetishy thing, that also means being more horny than usual – which is also what happens when you’ve (like me) been locked in a chastity cage for 22 days… coming immediately after 21 days of chastity that ended last month ago when I was let out, allowed to cum, and locked right back up again.  Hunter, my young Dalmy Alpha, has me cock-caged, and it’s got puppy sex on my brain.  (I’ll write more about my time in chastity after this weekend’s Dominion party – should be a good story; stay tuned.)

So… puppies, puppies, puppies!  Friday night I was in Chattanooga, TN and managed to grab dinner w/ a couple of handsome young pups there.  One pup I played w/ last year, the single time he came down to one of our Atlanta Dominion parties.  He ended up locked in the crescent-cage w/ me and Bishop… and there was a lot of fondling, humping, licking, and all the general naughtiness that occurs when you lock three hot puppies in a cage together.  It turns out that was actually his very first public dungeon event and pup-out!

I seem to have a knack for finding hot, young puppies at their first event and then pouncing, licking, humping, and molesting them… because Sunday was the first pup mosh at the Charlotte Woodshed (gay bar) and I did it again. (I'm not a chicken-hawk, I'm a wolfhound!)

 Had a really good time there, and was super-impressed by their set-up.  They really went all out!  They hung up numerous puppy pride flags, built a large scale dog house, put down mats on the ground, had a fireplug available, lots and lots of toys, plenty of water bowls, bone-shaped pretzels, and (and this really impressed me) they printed up lots of signs and cards about how to interact w/ human puppies.  Very well planned!  The turn-out was small-ish, but not bad for their first event.  They are hoping to turn this into a quarterly event, next one in November – knock on wood – and so I hope that it grows and flourishes.  Puppies and Handlers who are w/in striking distance of Charlotte, NC, please support this event!

I also need to thank my two wonderful Handlers: Shdwkitten and Poet.  I know Kitten wasn’t totally looking forward to this: going to a gay bar, being the only girl there, not knowing anybody… it can be uncomfortable.  As soon as we arrived, however, some other pups and Handlers came over and introduced themselves.  Ma’am said that all of the event organizers, pups and Handlers were all very cool and very friendly and accepting.  Only the “tourists” (as we called them: the vanilla guys who were at the bar and were a little bewildered by what the whole puppy thing) gave Ma’am some funny looks.  Nobody was rude, but she did detect a few, “What’s a girl doing here?” looks.  However, I’m not sure if that confused them any more than the sight of the puppies chasing squeaky toys around.  I would really encourage female pups and Handlers in NC and SC to come to the next 'Shed mosh; I think you will find a welcoming, fun group.

My real hero of the weekend was Poet.  At SELF, I tore a couple of small holes in the knees of my latex suit.  Latexcatfish is inexpensive, but it also tears easily; it’s very thin latex.  Poet patched and reinforced the knees w/ some thicker latex, so I was able to wear my suit to the Shed… for a while.  While I was playing w/ an adorable, young puppy (the above pictured first timer – who was so fucking cute and had a very cool Alpha as well), Poet spotted a new tear that had opened in the crotch of my suit.  He patched and reinforced that for me yesterday (if you order Latexcatfish, be sure you know how to patch latex or know someone who does), but I had to take off my suit for the rest of the Woodshed event, and change into jeans and the rubber harness I indefinitely borrowed from Sir.  Ma’am said I still looked sufficiently hot.

So the Woodshed was fun.  I would really like to see some of the pictures taken of me for the Shed’s Facebook page, but the link to Facebook from their website takes you to a dead page.  Very frustrating.  If anybody knows how to find the Woodshed’s active Facebook page, please send me a link!

Playing w/ hot pups, Alphas, and Handlers while on Day 20 of chastity was deliciously frustrating.  Monday continued to ramp-up my sexual frustration as I found myself on FetLife involved in some heavy online flirtation w/ a beautiful rubber pup in the UK.  Woof!  Five days to go until I see Alpha at Dominion, and my mind continues to be bent around sex, rubber, puppies, leashes, tail plugs, and bones – big, juicy, milky bones!  *Growl*

The rest of you pups out there: stay sexy, stay fun, stay safe, and may your owner never play off-key.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Puppy Packs - How Does that Work?

This picks up a little bit from where my last blog post was, but it also is a reply to some mail which asked:

“My mind has been circling around forming a pack a little before, but mostly after your demo for us. What little time I have been on fet lately searching out info has been fruitless. Could you tell me a little about the formation process, vetting, initiation and such.”

Great question!  First: There is no one way.  There is no true way.  These are just my own thoughts, but ultimately it’s about what works for you and yours.  Nobody is going to kick you out of the puppy clubhouse b/c you’re “doing” your pack wrong.

So I would suggest a few things:

First, a puppy pack is different from a Victorian-style “house.”  This family structure has been mostly popular among the het BDSM community (although you’ll find overlap w/ the gay community).  In a Victorian manner house (you’ve all seen Dowton Abbey) you have your upstairs and your downstairs.  The upstairs people are the Doms and the downstairs are the subs… but w/in each grouping you also have a hierarchy in place.  So you have the Top-Dom and the next in line… You have the equivalent of the “head butler” (sometimes called the “alpha slave”) on down to the lowly scullery maid.

The second common family structure from traditional leather is the military-styled biker gang.  You know the legend:  Gay WWII vets return from the war, are mostly processed out in NYC or San Francisco, and, missing the structure and male camaraderie of the military lifestyle, they form the first gay, leather motorcycle gangs.  They were characterized by:
  • Paramilitary biker uniforms, insignias, patches, and pins
  • The custom of exchanging insignias/pins w/ friendly clubs
  • Christening rituals (pissing on a new bike… or a new member)
  • Dress leathers inspired by the military dress uniform
  • Ritual formalism and lots of rules and protocols
  • Exclusivity meant to keep outsiders out
  • You started at the bottom (as a submissive probie) and had to earn your way up (to Master)
  • Earning leather through challenging “scenes”
  • Switches were second class b/c they “hadn’t made up their minds”
  • Of course: no girls allowed

Puppy packs are a modern (AKA New Guard or New Leather… mostly TNG) thing that breaks from both of those dynamics in a few ways.  If you want to start by asking what does a puppy pack look like, then I’d suggest you check out the TV show Teen Wolf.  It’s one of my favorite shows, and their werewolf pack is basically a puppy pack w/ super powers.

Another source would be wikipedia’s entry on canine packs:

Just to highlight some of the differences between packs vs. houses and leather clubs:
  • Less rigid hierarchy, more up-and-down movement
  • Less clear definition of roles or positions
  • More fluidity in D/s dynamics and switching
  • Less protocols
  • More traffic in-and-out (easier to join or leave; less vetting)
  • More complex “polycules” – networks of poly relationships branching off various ways, so that A might be in a relationship w/ B and C, but B and C might not have any relationship w/ one-another.

Canine packs are structured as Alpha(s), betas and omegas.

Alphas:  In actual wolf packs you usually have only one alpha male and alpha female, but human packs could have more than one… or you could have an Alpha pup and a Handler who are different, or different pups in the pack might have different Owners/Handlers, etc.  Alpha pups are Dominants (or switches in a D-role) and often sadists (although not necessarily).  Dominance in pup packs is usually established more organically than in leather houses or clubs – perhaps w/o identifying titles (“Sir”) or insignias of rank… although these may be used and some packs might be more structured than others.  (I always refer to my Alpha as “Sir” but not all of my pack mates do so.)

Betas:  The beta pups are submissive to the Alphas but dominant (at least in some sense) over omegas.  These D/s structures are usually looser than in traditional M/s relationships.  One of the trademarks (and fun) of a puppy pack is (in my experience) the way the betas constantly spar amongst themselves for ever-fluctuating Top/bottom positioning.  This can be seen in a mosh where the betas are often playfully trying to pin or mount one-another or steal one-another’s toys.  It can also be seen in the way Alpha’s orders get followed.  Often when our Alpha gives an order we start playfully fighting over who does it.  Frequently our Sir has said, “You all work it out amongst yourselves. I don’t care, as long as it gets done.”

Omegas:  Traditionally viewed as the weakest wolves/dogs, in a human puppy pack they might be the most submissive.  They get all their toys stolen in the mosh pit and usually end up having to carry their pack mates’ bags and gear around.  Frequently they are also the new kids: younger and less experienced than the other pups.  I’ve had two omegas (aged 22 and 23, considerably younger than myself) and I liked to refer to them as “the kids” or “the children” just to tease them.  I said betas are dominant over omegas, but this might not look like a traditional D/s dynamic.  I’m not a switch and don’t have a D-mode, so my relationships w/ my omegas has been more like mentor/mentee or big brother/little brother.  My current omega has his Fet status as “protected by” me, and that’s a better description than “submissive to” b/c he’s not so much my submissive as my little brother who I’m teaching, advising, and looking out for… and fucking; there’s also fucking.

How much protocol or structure does your pack need?  How much vetting or ritual is required to become a member?  Again, your mileage will vary; do what works for you and yours.  Our pack a has a more clearly defined “inner circle” denoted by our matching patches on our vests (we took that tradition from Traditional Leather – steal what works for you), and we each wear a breed pin (wolfhound, Saint Bernard, Dalmatian, etc.) and bone-shaped name tag on our vests… but we also have a more nebulous “expansion pack” and “extended family” structure swirling around us, which has more fluidity of pups, Handlers and partners coming and going.  Those w/ the pack vest have been around and demonstrated more commitment to the pack – this happens naturally (w/o a specific process) for us b/c the vests aren’t cheap and take about 10 months to get from the time you place the order, so only the pups who have really proven themselves and been w/ us for over a year get one.

Finally, one specific question I’ve been asked is, “Can you have kittens in your puppy pack?”  (And extrapolate this to: Can you have furries?  Can you have girls?  Can you have straight people?)  Again: ultimately it’s about what works for you and yours.  Modern kinksters, by and large, are much more about ‘do it your own way’ and more accepting of diversity.  My pack covers a range of ages, genders, sexual orientations, and breeds – and includes one female were-tiger.

I’d love to hear thoughts from others about how you pack works.  Email or comment.  And may your paws never slip.